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How to Install Signal

Last modified July 6, 2018
  • English
Duration: 30 minutes

Learning Objectives

Learners will:

  • Make an end-to-end encrypted phone call.
  • Make an end-to-end encrypted video call.


  • Audience has completed the beginning level of this module.


Instructor: Learners
1:5 (One instructor to five students)

Lesson Content

Learners who have easily sent an end-to-end encrypted message to their partner should try to make an end-to-end encrypted phone call with them. If they easily accomplish this task, have them create an encrypted group chat with another pair of partners in the room.

Activity: Make an end-to-end encrypted phone call

  1. Have everyone open Signal on their phone and tap a contact. (If participants don’t know anyone with Signal, the facilitator can provide their own phone number or a dummy phone configured for the purposes of this workshop.)
  2. Walk through the step-by-step instructions in “How to Initiate an Encrypted Call.”

  3. When students have successfully called a friend or the instructor, have them display their green signal card.

Optional Activity: Make an end-to-end encrypted video call

After having everyone make a phone call to each other, point out the video call button that appears on the call screen. (See “How to Initiate an Encrypted Video Call” for screenshots and more details.)

Ask learners if they have any questions before moving on.

Optional Closing Activity

Write down a list of three contacts whom you will help to install Signal after this training.