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Security Education Companion
A free resource for digital security educators

Who we are

The Security Education Companion is a collaborative effort developed and maintained by the Level Up network and fellow community contributors, coordinated by Superbloom, and hosted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

To learn more about the Level Up network and its projects or propose to contribute to the Security Education Companion, sign up for the Level Up mailing list by sending an email to levelup-subscribe@lists.riseup.net.

The Security Education Companion was launched in 2017 by the Electronic Frontier Foundation in response to a wave of training requests following the Trump election. Since then, the resource has helped build facilitation capacity and technical knowledge in various communities aiming to level up their personal privacy and security practices.

The Security Education Companion has always been a community initiative, with input and support from partner organizations and fellow travelers every step along the way. Over time, it became clear that this resource would benefit from support from a larger community of practice, and so the Electronic Frontier Foundation transferred ownership to a coalition of organizations in 2023. Now the Electronic Frontier Foundation hosts the site, the Level Up network—including practitioners from Access Now, Internews, the Library Freedom Institute, and several other organizations—and fellow community contributors maintain and develop the content, and Superbloom coordinates the initiative.