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Password Managers

Last modified July 6, 2018
  • English
Duration: 30 minutes

Learning Objectives

Learners will:

  • Have hands-on experience installing a standalone and browser-based password manager .
  • Create a master password or passphrase for their password manager.

  • Practice generating passwords using the password manager.
  • Practice copying and pasting a password from a password manager into a webform.

  • Know to store the URL for commonly-accessed websites in their password manager to protect against phishing.


  • Learners have completed the beginning part of this module.

Suggested Materials

  • Participants should have a computer or phone with them.

Lesson Content


Learners should be guided through the process of installing a standalone password manager and a browser-based password manager. Refer to the steps in How To: Use KeePassXC.

Questions to Propose Afterward

What are some challenges you think you would have using a password manager regularly? What are some benefits?

Are there any habits you need to change to use a password manager? What might you need to do to ensure you keep using it consistently?

Optional Closing Activity

Have the audience change at least one password and save the new password in their password manager. This could be for their email, a social media profile, or another site they frequently visit.